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GTA 5 Online Update: New Gauntlet Classic Car, Missions, Money and rewards added today

Meanwhile, another well known Rockstar Games leaker, @TezFunz2 has also outlined the key updates that Rockstar will be releasing later today, including details of 2x GTA$ & RP missions and the various discounts available today. You’ll find these details, just below: What’s New: Gauntlet Classic is now available. New Podium Vehicle: Infernus Classic 2x GTA$ & RP on: – Casino Freemode Work […]

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Rocket League is getting rid of loot boxes for good

In surprise news, Rocket League is to stop using random crates of loot and instead allow you to just buy DLC directly, with no guesswork. The world of loot boxes is in a peculiar position at the moment. After Star Wars: Battlefront II made them public enemy number one many major publishers, including not just EA but Microsoft and Warner […]

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Take-Two CEO Called President Trump's Comments "Disrespectful"

After the twin-shootings in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas that left 31 people dead and many others injured over the weekend, President Donald Trump and other government officials have pointed the finger to video games as the cause for the mass shootings. Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick disagrees, succinctly calling these politicians “disrespectful” in the wake of the mass […]

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