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Game review: Automachef is a puzzling cookery game

Running your own automated food production line might not sound very exciting but this is one of the best puzzlers of the year. There are a lot of very good video games based around some very strange ideas, and oddly a lot of them have to do with food. Matching similar-looking sweeties in Candy Crush Saga is nothing compared to […]

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Nintendo FINALLY takes Switch Joy-con issues seriously

Nintendo is finally doing something about Joy-Con issues that have been hampering the Switch. The Nintendo Switch has come under fire recently, after an increasing number of users reported problems with the Joy-Cons. Specifically, Switch fans have complained about something called drifting, which is when the console incorrectly registers analogue stick movement. The issue is causing in-game cameras and player-controlled characters […]

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New Star Wars Vader Immortal: Episode 2 Story Details Revealed

New story details and images for Vader Immortal: Episode II have been revealed. The Star Wars VR experience sees you take control of a nameless salvager who’s been captured by Darth Vader. “You will get to use the Force in Episode II,” Vader Immortal director Ben Snow said in an interview with “The way we thought about this was, […]

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