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Dragon Age Day Charity Drive Rewards Donors With Merch And Artwork

Dragon Age Day is being marked with another charity drive, this time hoping to raise $15,000 for the Trans Empowerment Project. In exchange for donations, fans can nab rewards such as signed merch and fan art of their favourite characters – or even their own original characters from some of the featured artists. Even before the celebrations kick off, the […]

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The Biggest Gaming News For December 3, 2022

Welcome to yet another weekend filled with plenty of games and gaming. I’m sure that you’ve gotten a little bit behind on the biggest news given that quite a bit has been happening today, so let’s get you right back up to speed with all of the latest stories. We heard that Sifu is going to be getting a live […]

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The Witcher: Blood Origin Trailer Teases Jaskier

The latest trailer for the upcoming show The Witcher: Blood Origin has just revealed that Jaskier will be playing at least some part in this prequel to the massively popular series The Witcher. The character played by Joey Batey is mostly known for the song Toss a Coin to Your Witcher. The show is currently scheduled to be released on […]

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Lover Pretend: Eiichirou Asagi Route Guide

Quick Links Completing Four Routes Prologue Episode One Episode Two Episode Three Eiichirou's Good Ending Eiichirou's Bad Ending Eiichirou Asagi is your screenwriting mentor in Lover Pretend, who stays nearby for most of the story. At first, you are not able to pursue him, and he remains a side character. After completing the other four routes through, Eiichirou Asagi's route […]

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