PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch get powerful new gaming rival

PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch has just got a powerful new rival that could shake-up the gaming landscape in 2020. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have long dominated the gaming marketplace, with this generation the PS4 being the biggest seller by a country mile. The PS4 has sold 106million units worldwide since launching back in 2013, far eclipsing the predicted […]

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Joker Gets A Stylish New Form In Persona 5 Scramble

Lookin’ cool, Joker! A brand new promotional video for the highly anticipated Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers has just been released featuring all-new game footage, including a rad new red-haired form of our favorite silent protagonist, Joker. Atlus dropped the second promotional video for the eagerly awaited Persona 5 sequel game on its official YouTube channel, which featured four minutes of brand new […]

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Bioshock Speedrunner Tricks GDQ Viewers With Hilarious Prank

In the latest Games Done Quick (also known as GDQ) charity event, longtime Twitch streamer BloodThunder pulled off a hilarious prank during a speedrun of Bioshock. Around the 30-minute mark, when encountering Andrew Ryan in the infamous golf club scene, BloodThunder proceeded nonchalantly – setting up the prank in a brilliant manner. Essentially, he faked a Windows crash by triggering a set of pre-recorded scenes, shocking […]

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