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New Animal Crossing: New Horizons Seasonal Items Now Available

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ second summer update has arrived, adding dreaming, save backups, a weekly summer fireworks show, and more to the popular Switch life sim. That’s not all that’s new in the game right now, however; the Nook Shopping catalog has also added some new items to its seasonal collection. Three new limited-time items are now available to order: […]

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fireworks Show Guide

While the first part of Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ summer update added swimming and diving, the second part of the update brought with it a very different kind of summer activity: fireworks! Every Sunday in August, there will be a fireworks show on your island, hosted by Jolly Redd. You can exchange bells for raffle tickets in order to win […]

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Ring Fit Adventure In Stock At Amazon, GameStop, And Best Buy

Since the COVID-19 virus was classified as a pandemic in March, many people have been spending much more time inside, and non-essential businesses such as gyms have been closed in many areas. Interest in not only the Nintendo Switch, but its premier fitness game, Ring Fit Adventure, has skyrocketed, leading both the console and the game to sell out everywhere. […]

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Super Smash Bros. Streamer ZeRo Gets Banned From Twitch

In the wake of a mass outing of predatory behavior in the Smash Bros. community, former Smash Bros. pro and streamer Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios has been banned from Twitch for a currently unknown period. This ban follows his dismissal from both Facebook Gaming and Tempo Storm after he admitted to sending sexually explicit messages to minors, despite having discovered the […]

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Secret Animal Crossing Villager Discovered In Nintendo Leak

Animal Crossing has had hundreds of villagers throughout its history, but there can never be enough cute and cuddly creatures in the world. The major Nintendo leak just uncovered a villager that’s never been seen before. Meet Cat13. Discovered by Matthew Lombardo (Twitter user lombTV), Cat13 was found in the files of the major leak. They include various models for […]

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