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First look at Bowser’s Fury reveals giant Cat Mario

Nintendo is bringing Mario’s 3D adventure from the Wii U to Nintendo Switch next month, giving players another opportunity to enjoy the outstanding Super Mario 3D World. It’s coming with a new add-on called Bowser’s Fury, and in a new trailer released Tuesday, we get a clear look at what that expanded adventure entails. According to Nintendo, Bowser “has become […]

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Among Us comes to Xbox in 2021

Among Us is coming to Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One and Xbox Series X in 2021, Microsoft announced on Thursday, and is now available in the library of games for Xbox Game Pass for PC subscribers. The quirky, sci-fi social deduction game — the structure resembles the paranoia faced by Wilford Brimley, Kurt Russell and others in John Carpenter’s […]

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How Capybara Games made Grindstone feel as good on the Switch

Grindstone feels incredible to play. Without being told, you know how to begin — just drag your finger across your phone’s screen, connecting creeps of the same color. Tap again, and watch Jorj (Grindstone’s burly protagonist) slash his way through. The game’s animation has a real weight to it, mimicking the friction of your finger swiping across glass. Grindstone’s world […]

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Spelunky and Spelunky 2 headed to Nintendo Switch in 2021

Spelunky and Spelunky 2 are headed to Nintendo Switch. The announcement was made on Tuesday during the Nintendo Indie World Showcase. Originally launched as a retail product in 2012, Spelunky began its life as a freeware game in 2008. Since then it’s developed a dedicated following, as well as critical acclaim from across the industry. Polygon named it among the […]

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New Nintendo Switch update makes screenshot sharing less of a pain

A new Nintendo Switch update rolled out on Nov. 30 with some small changes — but most importantly, Switch owners can now transfer screenshots wirelessly via their smart devices. Previously, sharing screenshots on the Switch meant removing the memory stick or uploading images on Twitter or Facebook. Additionally, users can use a USB cable to transfer screenshots to a computer. […]

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Nintendo touts best October ever for US Switch sales

A couple of gaming consoles launched this week, and you may have heard about that. The Nintendo Switch has kept right on trucking, however, with Nintendo of America saying Thursday that the Switch family of systems had its strongest October ever since the console’s 2017 debut. The raw numbers: 735,926 units of the Switch and Switch Lite sold in the […]

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