Simply put, Doom Eternal is the best new PC game to hit the streets in Q1 this year, and you only need to preview the game to understand why …

Hitman 3 will use Google Stadia’s new save-sharing feature

One of the most intriguing elements of Google Stadia was the State Share feature, which was shown during the platform’s initial announcement. While State Share was absent throughout 2020, it will be showing up in Hitman 3 on Jan. 20. State Share allows players to share save points via the cloud, but with all scene’s pieces in place. It’s essentially […]

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Free Steam program lets you make your own Vtuber

Virtual entertainers, also known as Vtubers, are having a moment right now, and it’s largely because the barriers standing in the way of making a digital avatar are lower than ever. You can, if you’d like, commission a professional to make a Vtubing model for you for hundreds or a few thousand dollars. Or, you can download some software and […]

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Alien: Isolation is free on PC until Tuesday

The latest of 15 free games the Epic Games Store is giving away over the holidays is Alien: Isolation, so far the biggest name of the freebies to drop. It also means, as SlashGear points out, that a list leaked on Twitter last week has been right about each of the first five. Alien: Isolation is yours to download and […]

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EA Play games now due on Xbox Game Pass for PC in 2021

Xbox Game Pass for PC access to the EA Play library won’t begin until 2021, Microsoft announced this morning. It had been slated for sometime in December. When Microsoft and Electronic Arts announced that Game Pass members would be getting EA Play’s games, the companies said it would roll out in November for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and December for […]

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Looking for a different sort of cyberpunk? Try this indie game bundle

A group of independent game developers have come together to create an alternative cyberpunk experience. Citing criticism of Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt Red, the group created the Be A Better Cyberpunk bundle, a package of 29 different games and experiences that explore “identity, artificial intelligence, class, gender, and transhumanism.” The Be A Better Cyberpunk bundle costs $60 for the […]

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Valorant’s latest patch buffs Sage for the first time ever

Sage has been getting nerfs since before Valorant was even released, but in the game’s latest patch she’s finally getting some power back. The new update also brings some big changes to Icebox, Valorant’s newest map, and a for-fun Snowball Fight mode. Sage’s ability to slow down her enemies, cut off choke points with a wall, heal her allies, and […]

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