Simply put, Doom Eternal is the best new PC game to hit the streets in Q1 this year, and you only need to preview the game to understand why …

Halo Infinite’s new season adds Clippy from Microsoft Office

Halo Infinite season 2 may be titled Lone Wolves, but Spartans will never have to go it alone in battle, thanks to the arrival of Clippy, the cartoon paperclip virtual assistant from the Microsoft Office suite. Clippy is among the many cosmetic rewards coming in Halo Infinite season 2, and will be ever-present in battle as a new Legendary-tier gun […]

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Stardew Valley mods for grandpa’s bed are getting out of control

The popular farming sim Stardew Valley starts with you inheriting a plot of land from your late grandfather. As the scene plays out, you’ll see your grandpa laying ill in bed, clutching a letter stating that he has bequeathed his farm to you. In the original version of the scene, the grandpa’s bed looks rather uncomfortable, like the grandpa is […]

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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is solving a specific grind issue

Playing World of Warcraft gives a player lots of choices and quests, which in theory is fantastic. However, over the game’s many expansions, the formula occasionally fails to work out. Some people like to focus entirely on developing their main, keeping one character of choice up to date with all the current content. Other people prefer to keep a whole […]

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Halo Infinite season 2 launches in early May

Halo Infinite’s second season begins May 3, developer 343 Industries announced Friday. The season, called Lone Wolves, will add a new battle pass system, new maps, and additional modes. The trailer released Friday morning shows off a bit of those new maps — one Arena map called Catalyst and one Big Team Battle map called Breaker, which appears to have […]

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Valve is ‘ramping up’ Steam Deck orders

Shipments for Valve’s new handheld console, the Steam Deck, have been trickling out since its release, but the shipments are about to speed up. The company started “ramping up” fulfillment for the console on Monday, according to a Tweet from Valve, and those who pre-ordered the console will be getting more emails about order availability weekly. When the Steam Deck […]

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Xbox Game Pass is getting a family plan, reports say

Microsoft is reportedly gearing up to announce a family plan option for its Xbox Game Pass subscription service. Citing trusted inside sources, Windows Central reports that this forthcoming tier of Game Pass will allow up to five players within the same country to play together using a single Game Pass subscription. This subscription would be under a single account holder, […]

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