Simply put, Doom Eternal is the best new PC game to hit the streets in Q1 this year, and you only need to preview the game to understand why …

I’m running a GTA Online RP forgery scheme and I won’t stop

I recently decided to stretch my creative muscles and engage in a new and exciting hobby: I’ve engaged in a slow escalation of increasingly sophisticated fraud in a video game to deliberately mislead and mock the in-game police officer role-players. While some people have spent their evenings playing battles royale and battling Margit the Fell Omen, I have been running […]

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Her Story creator returns with a movie murder mystery

Sam Barlow, creator of Her Story and Telling Lies, is back with a new game and a new mystery. Immortality centers on the story of actor Marissa Marcel, who made three unreleased movies, then disappeared. The game’s first trailer, released on Wednesday, gives us our first look at each of the movies and lets us know exactly how players will […]

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Valve boss floats possibility of Game Pass on Steam

Valve founder Gabe Newell said the company would welcome the Xbox Game Pass service to Steam, should Microsoft wish to make it available through that marketplace. Newell’s comments, to PC Gamer this weekend, come a week after the launch of the Steam Deck handheld gaming PC. “We’d be more than happy to work with them to get that on Steam,” […]

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Valve reveals free new Portal spinoff game for Steam Deck

Here’s a neat Friday surprise: Valve announced a free new game called Aperture Desk Job, and it’s set in the same world as the Portal series. The game will be available to download on Steam starting March 1, and while it is listed as working with Windows PC, Valve’s description says that the game will be “best experienced” on the […]

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Leaked footage may show off Halo Infinite’s Forge options

Halo Infinite is slowly making its way out. First developer 343 Industries released the multiplayer mode, then the campaign, but co-op and Forge, Halo’s creative mode that allows players to make custom maps, are still due sometime in the future. While we don’t know exactly when Forge might arrive, a new video on YouTube purports to have leaked footage of […]

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What Mode Choose For CS:GO Battle?

The growing popularity of video games makes Counter-strike the most famous online shooter. People of different ages build up a great community, which enjoys the game’s classical mechanics and exciting matches. Many gamers choose one of the various modes for CS:GO battle. When somebody aims to improve the skill by regular training and reach the highest skill group, others play […]

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