Simply put, Doom Eternal is the best new PC game to hit the streets in Q1 this year, and you only need to preview the game to understand why …

Compose musical attacks in this rhythm RPG

Games with the best fighting mechanics tend to have a rhythm. As a player parries, dodges, and swings their sword, it’s easy to get into a groove that matches the opponents you face. The RPG Sword of Symphony takes this to the next level by adding classic rhythms to oh-so-smooth sword swings, as you fight off enemies inspired by musical […]

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Blizzard’s new policy bans World of Warcraft boosting organizations

On Monday morning, Blizzard released a statement about a policy change in World of Warcraft that had fans interested. The developer is updating their policies in order to stop “organizations excessively advertising various non-traditional services in-game,” which includes boosting, matchmaking, and escrow. This policy is aimed at large-scale organizations that operate these services across multiple realms, but fans worry it […]

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Google has a cute little Wordle Easter egg

Wordle, the viral word game where you guess a 5-letter word, is everywhere. It’s in group chats, in Slack threads, and all over social media. There are Wordle clones, and clever spins on the format. Someone — in a major asshole move — even created a Twitter bot that spoiled Wordle for avid players. But here’s something a little more […]

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Halo Infinite’s battle pass including premium credits next season

On Friday, 343 Industries announced updates to Halo Infinite. Most notably, players will be able to earn credits from the game’s battle pass. Starting with season 2, scheduled to launch in May, players can earn credits as part of the game progression. More information will be available closer to season 2. The multiplayer version of Halo Infinite launched in November […]

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13 cursed cross-promotions we’re probably getting from Xbox’s Activision Blizzard acquisition

Microsoft made waves this week when it announced its intention to purchase Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion. When the deal closes sometime next year, Xbox will own a giant collection of video game properties — Call of Duty, Warcraft, and much more. And if Disney has taught us anything, it’s that consolidation breeds cross-promotion. Here are 13 (hopefully) fake predictions […]

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Halo Infinite’s next samurai multiplayer event will offer more free cosmetics

After its frustrating Tenrai event, Halo Infinite’s upcoming samurai challenge will see some significant improvements — specifically, more earnable in-game cosmetics. The Tenrai multiplayer event for Halo Infinite — the first of many such events — offered players some cool samurai gear for their Spartan if they were willing to complete a host of challenges. However, some of the items […]

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