Essential PS4 Games Every Player Should Try … Updated on this year: We’ve removed a few titles and added new ones like The Outer Worlds. When you …

NHL 21 Pre-Orders Are Live Ahead Of Full Reveal Next Month

EA Sports has announced that NHL 21 will launch in October this year, which breaks the September launch tradition. The upcoming hockey sim is slated to launch on PS4 and Xbox One, and if you already know you’re going to pick it up, NHL 21 pre-orders are available now for multiple editions. NHL 21 will get a full, proper reveal […]

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FF7 Remake Surveys Want To Know How You Played The Game

Square Enix wants to know more about how people played Final Fantasy VII Remake with two surveys, one focused on player choices and the other on combat preferences. Both surveys are available through the Final Fantasy Portal app on mobile devices, but the questions can be viewed on the game’s official website. The player choice survey is available through July […]

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Yarntown Makes Bloodborne A 16-Bit PC Game

Bloodborne is one of the best games on PlayStation 4 and hopeful PC players have been asking for a port for almost as long as the game has been available. That has never happened, but an impressive “demake” has turned it into a SNES-style action-RPG, and the transformation is gorgeous. The free game even gives you a chance to fight […]

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