A 19,000 networth epic comeback by RNG vs Nigma at the Bukovel Minor

Nigma couldn’t close the game with their aggressive draft and RNG fought brilliantly on the high ground. Check out the game analysis to see how Nigma couldn’t end the game vs RNG when they wanted. Match ID: 5193049498

Early Game

RNG’s Lifestealer and Nigma’s Templar Assassin were unstoppable and both secured good farm. Whereas both the teams also had equal farm.

Mid game

Nigma had a good map control while taking many scattered team fights. There were no massive team fights losses for any side until the end of mid game.

Late game

After a couple of good team fight victories, Nigma started pushing high ground but Miracle died and he didn’t even have a buyback allowing RNG to counter push in which they killed 1 more core and destroyed bottom barracks.

Nigma recovered from that loss and regained map control but instead of destroying tier 3 buildings, they dove at tier 4 towers to kill the remaining 2 cores. Those cores, Lifestealer and Legion Commander died but they bought back and when they fought back they killed 4 Nigma heroes while causing Templar Assassin to buyback.

After that setback, Nigma still had some lead but the game was equal. Both the teams had buy back issues. The next fight would definitely decide the winner.

In the last major fight, Nigma didn’t make mistakes but IO played by Super, relocated and saved his teammates 2 times. It caused huge disappointment to Nigma as their efforts to kill were in vain because IO just saved whoever Nigma focused on.

A tip for young players

During the draft, consider what heroes scale well in the late game. If possible don’t pick 2 cores that scale bad in the late game. Nigma’s picks Huskar and Templar Assassin were incredible in the early game but couldn’t do much in the late game even with buyback. If Nigma had one of those cores that could handle the late game then they would have fought better in the last fight.

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