All of League’s new skins hitting the Rift in Patch 10.1

Riot Games is kicking off the new League of Legends season with a bang. A total of seven new skins are set to arrive on the live servers with Patch 10.1 by Jan. 15.

Fans of the Mecha skin line will be pleased with the newest batch of skins. In place of the annual Lunar New Year skins, Riot has created a new branch of the Mecha skin line named Mecha Kingdoms. The new skins feature Jax, Leona, Garen, Draven, and League’s newest juggernaut Sett as battle robots of epic proportions.

Jax’s Mecha Kingdoms skin will cost 1,820 RP as a legendary item, while the others will be priced at 1,350 RP. Mecha Kingdoms Garen is receiving the first Prestige Edition of 2020, which fans will be able to pick up with event tokens.  

Additionally, Sylas is receiving his first skin since his release a year ago with a new Freljord look. The Unshackled’s new skin features the mage in a blue hood with a sleeveless shirt lined with fur and comes with four additional chromas for additional purchase.

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