BMW Now Official Automotive Partner for LVL – The Esports Observer

LVL, an international venue and content brand for esports gaming, built and operated by Veritas Entertainment, has partnered with BMW bringing on the German automotive manufacturer as its official automotive partner. While financial details of the partnership were not revealed, LVL will help accelerate BMW’s esports content creation arm through the use of its gaming venues and production teams.

BMW will get the use of LVL space for events, production, and content creation. Additionally, BMW branding will be embedded into much of LVL’s own content.

Last year, the first LVL brick-and-mortar venue opened in Berlin boasting video gaming facilities, as well as an esports arena and extensive studio space and full production capabilities. There are plans for Veritas to expand the LVL brand internationally and open more locations in other countries in “the near future.”

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