Clash to be re-enabled with R6 Y4S4.2 patch

Ubisoft has some trouble keeping Clash up to snuff in Rainbow Six Siege, but it looks like the developer may have finally sorted out the maligned operator. 

Ubisoft will be re-enabling Clash with the Y4S4.2 patch. There’s no current release date for the Y4S4.2 patch, but it should be coming sooner rather than later as the midseason point approaches. 

Clash has been a problematic operator since her inaugural season, Operation Grim Sky. Being the only defensive operator with access to a full-body riot shield, Clash posed many issues post-launch and not all of them were intended. Clash presented attackers with a massive roadblock due to the nature of her gadget but the operator has also been prone to bugs and exploits that result in unfair advantages.

Rainbow Six Siege on Twitter

🛡⚡ Clash Update! Clash will be fixed with the 4.2 patch and she will be re-enabled at that time. More news on the patch will be provided later. Thank you for your patience and understanding during the holidays! Our girl will be back in action soon! >

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