DarkZero Esports Announces RESPAWN Products as Gaming Furniture Partner – The Esports Observer

Rainbow Six Siegefocused esports organization DarkZero Esports has signed a one-year partnership deal with RESPAWN Products, which will become the organization’s gaming furniture provider. In addition to giveaways and content collaboration, RESPAWN has become the provider of desks and chairs for DarkZero’s 8,000 sq. ft. facility in Las Vegas.

The facility houses the organization’s training and practice space, player rooms, and content creation. DarkZero relocated from Houston when Ubisoft began to establish Las Vegas as the central hub for North American R6. According to DarkZero Head of Partnerships Tommy Padula, the organization saw an opportunity to “own Vegas,” in the R6 space, and invested into a multi-million dollar facility. 

RESPAWN will be integrated throughout the facility, and in the players’ individual rooms allowing the brand to appear on individual player streams in addition to team content. “By outfitting the entire facility, we’re going to be able to activate in a way we weren’t able to before,” Padula said. He also noted that, when it is safe to do so, the organization intends to host live events at its facility, leading to additional activation opportunities for RESPAWN.

RESPAWN Products has signed a number of new esports organization partnerships in 2021 as part of an ongoing expansion effort. “A big initiative for RESPAWN this year was to expand our brand into other markets and other games,” RESPAWN partnership manager James Deasey said. “DarkZero has such a huge, strong hold on the Rainbow Six community and on the Rainbow Six game itself, we saw that our initiatives really aligned with [them] because as we want to get into a new space, we want to be able to make a huge splash. Working with DarkZero…everything just made sense to us.”

Rainbow Six Siege saw a surge of popularity in 2020, becoming a tier one title on The Esports Observer’s PC Games Impact Index for the first time. While the title appears to be on the rise, to Padula the value of Rainbow Six comes from the title’s consistency and the active support from its publisher, Ubisoft. “It’s such a passionate community, and when you have a strong foothold within that community, the influence there is incredible.

“Anyone who comes in to support one of their orgs in their game, there’s an automatic affinity there in the development of an awesome relationship, and we want to be the vehicle for that.”

Padula also believes that the value that R6 brings, as well as DarkZero’s presence within it, can be translated to new titles as the company looks to expand in the future.

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