Destiny 2's newest puzzle helped give a Twitch streamer an 8,600 sub train

Bungie loves keeping secrets in Destiny 2, and this week’s newest one has been especially beneficial to at least one dedicated Twitch streamer.

For Sean “Gladd” Gallagher, this week’s in-game reset on Tuesday was just like any other, until word began to spread of a secret quest. It involved entering the literal Corridors of Time through a time machine on Mercury and trying to discover its secrets. It is extremely convoluted and apparently needs days worth of legwork to figure out.

Gladd cries after insane sub stream

Clip of Gladd Playing Destiny 2 – Clipped by Nachofork

Eventually, the game’s community realized that the immensely difficult, exhausting, and long-winded journey to the puzzle’s solution needed teamwork. So for the past two days, Gladd and multiple other streamers and community members have been working together in Discord and spreadsheets to figure things out. Not only that, but the work is being fueled by crowd-sourced images from inside the game of anybody who wants to help.

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