EA to Unveil Crowdfunded Apex Legends Championship Prize Pool of Up to $3M – The Esports Observer

Electronic Arts will announce Tuesday that select in-game purchases from its free-to-play battle royale game Apex Legends to help contribute to the total prize pool of the upcoming Apex Legends Global Series Championship, which begins on May 22. EA announced last week that the total prize pool for the ALGS Championship had been raised to $1M USD. On Tuesday, it will announce that the total amount of cash could go as high as $3M if fans want it to.

Beginning Tuesday, item bundles will be sold in the Apex Legends store to boost the prize pool for the ALGS Championship: the Mechameleon, Boared to Death, Wild Speed, and Silverback bundles, and an all-encompassing bundle containing all of these other items called Animal Kingdom. For every bundle purchased, EA will contribute $5 towards the prize pool, and for every Animal Kingdom bundle sold, $20 will be put towards the prize pool. EA has decided to cap contributions from the bundles at $2M, making the maximum potential prize pool around $3M. This prize-boosting program will run until June 1.

EA Senior Director and Commissioner of Apex Legends Competitive Gaming John Nelson told The Esports Observer Monday that the company decided to cap this particular prize pool boosting effort because it is a bit of an experiment. 

“I think this being our first prize boosting type of offer like this, we’re really looking to see how it performs and test and learn what something like this does for Apex Legends, hoping that this isn’t the only time that we have an offering like this,” Nelson said. “So, to start out we’re just looking to see how it performs and hopefully improve it for the future.”

While this is the first such effort from EA, Nelson says that no matter how it performs, the company is committed to driving prize pools for Apex Legends every year in some way. 

“Depending on how it performs, we’ll adjust of course, but growing the Apex Legends Global Series and the prize money attached to it, and all of the rewards that competing players can earn, is something that we want to see continue to grow year-over-year.”

Finally, Nelson said that getting to this point (a global championship, albeit an online-only one) while contending with the effects of a global pandemic has not been easy.

“I think what’s important is that the Apex Legends Global Series is now coming up to the championship and it’s been a long road, and it’s been a difficult one at times often because of the effects of the pandemic on everyone around the world. But I’m just really happy about being able to announce this news and surprise our players with a potential tripling of the prize pool. For everyone who’s been committed to the ALGS, those competing and qualifying for the championship, I am just really happy to bring this opportunity and with some help from the Apex Legends community, hopefully, we reach our goal of raising that prize pool up.”

More details about the new bundles can be found on the Apex Legends blog. 

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