Epic Games Reveals That it has no Plans for Any In-Person Fortnite Events for 2021

Epic Games has issued an update regarding its Fortnite Championship Series, telling fans that the company has no plans to run any in-person events in 2021 including the Fortnite World Cup. However, Epic says that it will continue to hold online events and is looking to bolster the total number  of competitions heading into 2021. The company said that the decision was due to needing to adhere to a policy where the health and safety of everyone involved supersedes any benefits from running live events.

The Fortnite Championship Series will continue into 2021 with three-player teams becoming the standard team size. While Epic has reserved the right to alter any of the scoring or qualification caveats, its hope is that the change will “place more stability and consistency around the FNCS.”

Epic goes on to state that the FNCS is looking “at other avenues” to create and engage in high-level competition going into the new year. This new look will feature more weekly tournaments, unique tournament formats, and Creator Cups throughout the year. It was noted that there will be competition available for other than three-person teams as well.

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