ESL, DreamHack, & CSPPA form partnership to create "framework for professional CS:GO players in the ESL Pro Tour."

In what is being touted as a first of its kind in esports, MTG-owned ESL & DreamHack united in a partnership with the Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association to create a “framework for professional CS:GO players in the ESL Pro Tour.”

The goal is to “ensure continued growth and professionalization for competitive CS:GO in a way that accounts for the needs of the players as well as tournament organizers” the official announcement states.

Taking effect immediately, the partnership will include the organizations involved working together “on the governance of the tournament circuit, participation in business revenues, defining player rights and obligations at live events as well as making the current ESL tournament conditions the standard across tournaments.”

This is a major step for those involved in the industry and in CS:GO in particular as it works toward making the experience a more pleasant one for all parties involved.

“The life of a professional CS:GO player revolves around tournament participation all over the world. This makes the working conditions of players in connection with tournaments a key priority of the CSPPA,” Mads Øland, CEO of the CSPPA explained in the announcement. “In the current tournament landscape, ESL sets the industry standard for such working conditions and with this partnership ESL has committed to maintain and develop such standards in close cooperation with the CSPPA.”

The exact impact is not yet known, but this is certainly a step in the right direction and will hopefully lead to far less tweets from players citing grievances about schedule issues and conditions.

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