ESL Pro League Building Commissioner’s Office to Optimize Governance

On the heels of a cheating scandal that saw Counter-Strike: Global Offensive coaches using a bug to get illegal in-game views showing where opposing team members were located, ESL along with 13 member teams appointed Alexander Inglot to develop and create a commissioner’s office for the league.

With more fallout expected as more allegations come to light, Inglot will look to build a “collaborative” structure to optimize governance, build the ESL brand, and explore new revenue streams. He will be joined by Hans Jagnow, who will support him as the VP Operations.

According to ESL, Inglot will focus on the Pro League as well as “a range of new collaborative business opportunities, while also ensuring that the new joint approach benefits ESL’s other tentpole events such as ESL One and the Intel Extreme Masters Series.”

The 13 member teams signed an agreement with ESL at the beginning of 2020, known as the “Louvre Agreement,” that would see everyone involved collaborate on setting up a new internal structure in the attempt to align interests while stabilizing the ecosystem and bringing increased sustainability to the stakeholders involved. 

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