Gabbi rampages and an unkillable Mikoto as four teams remain at DOTA Summit 13: SEA

More eliminations were on the cards today at DOTA Summit 13:
Southeast Asia as two teams would lose their tournament lives – leaving only
four squads remaining by the end of today.

Having lost an intense series to Among Us yesterday, TNC
Predator were hoping to bounce back in the lower bracket, this time facing a
rather strong Neon Esports. With the two teams fighting to a tied series during
the group stages, today one would not be so lucky to survive at the DOTA Summit
13: SEA. It was an absolutely brawl for a lot of game one, which also led into
a stalemate at times as the teams fought around the Roshan Pit. It took a
beastly Phantom Assassin from Kim “Gabbi” Villafuerte, who secured a RAMPAGE
for his efforts, to secure game one for TNC.

From a 50-minute brawl to a 27-minute stomp – that’s the
only way to describe the series. TNC went into game two looking unstoppable and
at their best, moving from kill to kill to objectives, never letting Neon find
any space throughout the map. Armel Paul “Armel” Tabios’ Ember Spirit, at the
head of the pack with a 15-0-8 score line helped secure a 2-0 victory to
eliminate Neon Esports from the event.

BOOM Esports and Adroit Esports would be the next two teams
to take to the elimination battlefield, with the two teams having played to a
draw during the group stages too. However, today’s series was a fairly simple
and quick victory for BOOM as they dominated Adroit over two games. Over the
two games, Rafli Fathur “Mikoto” Rahman went completely unkilled as he ended
the series at 28-0-13, with more kills than Adroit could muster over the two

Unfortunately for Adroit, they could not do anywhere near
enough to keep their tournament lives in hand and would be eliminated from the
DOTA Summit 13: SEA, leaving BOOM Esports to move forward in the lower bracket
for a rematch against TNC – a series which they dominated in the group stages.

DOTA Summit 13: SEA returns tomorrow with both that lower
bracket elimination series and the upper bracket final as Among Us go
head-to-head against Motivate.Trust Gaming to determine the first grand
finalist of the event.

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