How to get Galarian Slowbro and Slowking in Pokémon Sword and Shield

On top of a Galarian Slowpoke being shown in today’s Pokémon Sword and Shield Direct, there was also an obscured image of both a new Slowbro and Slowking form.

A few signs point out from the initial display of the new Slowpoke form that teased its evolutions, and all we know is that both variants exist.

There is a free update out now that will add Galarian Slowpoke to your copy of Sword or Shield, adding it to the Pokédex and making it catchable. But each evolution works a bit differently than the original Slowpoke’s do in older games. 

Normally, you only need to level up your Slowpoke to evolve it into Slowbro, while you need to trade your Slowpoke holding a King’s Rock to get a Slowking. The King’s Rock item is still available in Sword and Shield, but most new evolutions require different methods to acquire than the originals. 

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