Invictus Gaming put on a show beating beastcoast at the DreamLeague Leipzig Major

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Chinese upstarts Invictus Gaming battled against blitzkrieg beastcoast at the DreamLeague Leipzig Major. The two teams known for their hyperactive playstyle brought all their chips to the table with constant skirmishes throughout the games, but IG was the last one standing, winning both games and taking the series 2-0.

IG was the team responsible for beastcoast’s elimination in the past Major. At the MDL Chengdu Major, beastcoast was set to take the third game, but an unfortunate mistake by the South Americans meant that IG would dodge elimination, going on to finish third at the previous Major.

The two teams, both known for their feverish tempo, did not let up in this series either. While the series was a sweep, beastcoast put up an admirable fight in both games. Both teams stuck true to their aggressive roots and took the fight to each other along with their own unique heroes and builds.

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