League Pro View returns with lower price and new features for 2020 season

If you ever considered picking up Riot Games’ Pro View for the 2020 LEC and LCS Spring Splits, now’s a great time because the price has been lowered from $15.99 to only $9.99. The All Access pass has also been lowered from $19.99 to $12.99.

The League of Legends Pro View allows fans to get unique point-of-view streams from every play in a professional LCS or LEC game. The in-game chat, keystrokes, and individual clicks can all be seen by viewers to show how each of their favorite pro players set up for their matches.

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Pro View is back for 2020 with a reduced price ($9.99 #LCS / $12.99 All Access) and new features! Learn more at: https://t.co/SALNiKpdSL

This year, however, Riot has added some new features to Pro View that should help enhance the overall experience. First, the new Map Stream mode will allow fans to see Summoner’s Rift in its entirety; viewers can now watch plays happening across the map all in real-time.

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