Lifetime banned in Dota 2, Filipino mid laner Jacko looks to restart esports career in Mobile Legends

Former Dota 2 pro, Mark Anthony “Jacko” Soriano seeks redemption by restarting his esports career in Mobile Legends.

Jacko was once regarded as a true Philippines prodigy and was on the brick of qualifying with Mineski-X at Shanghai Major, if he wouldn’t have been involved in one of the biggest match fixing scandals that plagued Southeast Asia region. Jack received his lifetime ban from Valve in 2016, during the SEA closed qualifiers for Shanghai Major, however, his case of misconduct dates back from 2014.  A total of 16 players from Southeast Asia have been found guilty in 2014 for match fixing in two separate instances. 

Jacko was caught match fixing by his own organization, Mineski, who conducted an investigation in October 2014 on their own team and MSI Evogt. Eight players admitted during the said investigation that they were involved in a match fixing scheme where teams intentionally drafted poorly for a potential $900 in betting earnings.

With no opportunity to play in any Valve sanctioned tournaments, Jacko continued to compete through lower tier tournaments, but he has never been able to clear his name in the Dota 2 field.

At the end of January 2021, Philippine organization Amihan E-sports announced Jacko to have joined their Mobile Legends roster.

“Jacko’s decision to transfer to Mobile Legends signifies a story within all of us. A symbol of redemption of oneself and forgiving your own past. We understand the frustration between his famous 322 scandal and many more, but in the end it took big guts for Jacko to talk with the management and open up about his decision,” Amihan posted on their Facebook page.

“Little do people know that this kid played his heart out for the game of Dota 2. We know that he learned from that mistake and Amihan Esports is willing to give him a chance and be great again.

In fact, 7 – 8 years ago when Jacko was only 15 years old he almost brought pride to our country at the Shanghai Majors DOTA 2.

Now, he just wants to move on from that mistake and be great once more through Mobile Legends: Bang Bang,” the organization added.

With Jacko’s addition Amihan has now four players on their MLBB roster and they are currently looking for two more players to round out the team. According to an announcement made on Facebook, the organization will run tryouts rounds to find the last two members. More information about registration in the open tryouts can be found here.

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