Loading Premieres on Brazilian TV With League of Legends Tournament

Loading, the new channel on Brazilian broadcast and pay-TV, aired last Monday night with two live shows completely dedicated to esports. It was the premiere of the project that focuses on expanding the reach of the kind of content that usually is seen only on the internet.

The first show, Metagaming, featuring two of the most famous local esports journalists Barbara Gutierrez and Chandy Teixeira, is a daily show which brings news of the esports world, interviews with players and specialists, special reports, and results of ongoing tournaments. On its first day, guests such as the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo and the EA SPORTS FIFA player Wendell Lira appeared live on the show. Metagaming lasted for more than  one and a half hours, seeking to keep a friendly communication style for people on TV who could be getting their first contact with the competitive gaming world.

Right after Metagaming, Loading launched its own esports tournament, the League Loading of Esports (LLE), featuring some of the main League of Legends (LoL) teams in Brazil: Rensga Esports, INTZ, Vorax, FURIA, the RED Canids Kalunga, and Vivo Keyd, the only team in the competition which is not part of Riot Games’ Brazilian LoL Championship (CBLoL). The tournament has a prize pool of $150K BRL (roughly 30K USD).

Logitech was the only external sponsor seen on the esports programs, specifically at the LLE. All commercial breaks were filled by promotions of other shows and advertisements of Kalunga, an electronics store owned by the same group that owns Loading. The group is also the naming rights sponsor of the esports organization RED Canids Kalunga, which is playing at the League Loading of Esports and was the focus of one of the first Metagaming reports.

Loading’s other attractions include shows focused on gaming, pop culture, and anime, which were strongly highlighted during the promotional clips.

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