LoL Lunar Beast 2021 Event | Free missions list and rewards guide

The Lunar Beast 2021 event recently descended on Summoner’s Rift, a twist on the classic League of Legends Lunar Revel celebration. The event brought a multitude of new rewards, free-to-play missions and exclusive content, including the release of Lunar Beast Fiora, the latest Prestige Edition skin. Returning to the game is the ARURF special game mode, which will coincide with the duration of the event.

Lunar Beast 2021 began on Feb. 4 and will run through March 8. Below you will find a complete guide on all of the free content and missions available in the event. For a breakdown of all of the milestone missions and exclusive goodies locked behind the newest battle pass, check out our Lunar Beast 2021 Milestone Missions and event pass guide.

Lunar Beast 2021 Free Missions

Unlike the Milestone missions that come with the Lunar Beast 2021 Pass, the free-to-play missions aren’t available at once. Instead, the free missions come in batches of four and will be released on a weekly cycle throughout the event. The first set released on Feb. 4 with the launch of the event and another set will release each subsequent week after.

Feb. 4 missions

The Chase BeginsEarn 20 points

  • Play in a party with one or more friends: 5 Points
  • Win a game: 2 Points
  • Lose a game: 1 Point
15 Tokens + Lunar Beast Event Icon
Gather Your PartyPlay a game in a party with one or more friends or Play 5 games15 Tokens
It’s a Team SportScore 40 takedowns or Play 5 Games15 Tokens
The Team That Wrecks Together…Be on a team that destroys the first tower two times or Play 5 Games15 Tokens

Feb. 11 missions

PursuitEarn 20 points

  • Earn at least 12 takedowns in a game: 5 Points
  • Win a game: 2 Points
  • Lose a game: 1 Point
15 Tokens
Eyes UpEarn 100 Vision Score across multiple games or Play 5 Games15 Tokens
Running for FundingEarn 12,000 Gold or Play 5 Games15 Tokens
The Mystic ArtsDeal 20,000 Magic Damage to champions in a single game or Play 5 Games15 Tokens

Feb. 18 missions

The Finish LineEarn 20 points

  • Be on a team that takes down Baron Nashor: 5 Points
  • Win a game: 2 Points
  • Lose a game: 1 Point
15 Tokens
A Little Bit of SoulBe on a team that captures the Dragon Soul or Play 5 Games15 Tokens
Must Proceed QuicklyWin a game of ARURF or Play 5 Games15 Tokens
Martial ProwessDeal 20,000 Physical Damage to champions in a single game or Play 5 Games15 Tokens

Feb. 25 missions

Luck and FortuneEarn 20 points

  • Play a game where your kills or assists contain the number  9: 5 Points
  • Win a game: 2 Points
  • Lose a game: 1 Point
18 Tokens + Eternals Capsule
An Early SignBe on a team that scores first blood or Play 5 Games9 Tokens
Trash to TreasureBe on a team that destroys the first tower or Play 5 Games9 Tokens
Good FortuneWin a game or Play 3 Games9 Tokens

Lunar Beast 2021 Orb mission

Along with the above batch missions, there is also an Orb mission that is available to all players throughout the event. To complete it, players must simply play 30 games.

Lunar Beast 2021Play 30 gamesLunar Beast 2021 Orb

Lunar Beast Orbs contain one random skin shard and have a 4% chance of also dropping an exclusive Lunar Squad Bag. The lucky few who do find themselves a Squad Bag can open it to receive three skin shards from the Lunar Revel, Firecracker, Mecha Kingdoms or Warring Kingdoms skinlines. There is also a 30% chance that the Squad Bag will drop a bonus skin shard from one of the mentioned lines. Both the Lunar Beast 2021 Orbs and the Lunar Squad Bags have a 1.5x drop rate multiplier to Gemstones and permanent Mythic skin shards.

To view all other event-related coverage, including our guide to the Lunar Beast 2021 battle pass and all of the milestone missions that come with it, check out our League of Legends page. For full details of the event, check out the official Riot Games dev blog.

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