MidOne rumoured to be joining OG

Rumours are always prevalent in the Dota 2 community and
they often surface surrounding player transfers. Late last night a rather
massive rumour appeared on Weibo stating that MidOne would be joining OG.

According to a player named Lee ‘X1aOyU’ Qian Yu, who played as a standin for Vici Gaming at ESL One Hamburg 2019 but plays for Chinese team You Know Who, Yeik ‘MidOne’ Nai Zheng will be joining OG. This rumour has since made it to Reddit and the picture below shows a conversation between X1aOyU and someone who is unknown, where X1aOyU speaks about having been asked to join a team with MidOne but then being apparently “screwed over”.

A rough translation of the above image is as follows:

X1aOyU: MidOne went to OG

X1aOyU: I didn’t expect it

X1aOyU: ..

——: Nice

X1aOyU: He asked me to leave the team, then screwed me over

At this moment in time there is no evidence that any of this
is true but rumours surrounding MidOne in recent times have been everywhere.
The Malaysian player was last seen playing alongside SEAMonkeys and has had
many people assume that he would be joining a LGD.International squad but
nothing has been seen of this in some time.

While X1aOyU is a Malaysian player and it has been said that
MidOne would want to possibly form a Malaysian squad, none of this has been
confirmed and for now it remains a very interesting rumour. We will continue to
watch both the OG and MidOne camps to see if any announcement is made by them
in the coming weeks and bring you any news on their rosters as soon as it is released.
For now we can just speculate who it is that MidOne might replace if he is to
join OG, considering the team’s amazing success at the last two TI events.

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