Minnesota RØKKR Win Their First Home Match to Start the Season

Despite some hiccups to kick off the inaugural season of the Call of Duty League, the matches themselves proved to be exciting. There was an already brewing rivalry when the Chicago Hunstmen took down the Dallas Empire to kick everything off. The Florida Mutineers took the Seattle Surge to five maps before defeating them. Finally, the Minnesota RØKKR secured the victory over the Los Angeles Guerrillas to win their first home match of the season.

Minnesota overtook the Guerrillas in a 3-1 victory where they found themselves down 1-0 and were off to a shaky start. The RØKKR have the ability to be a dark horse in the league but were put on the ropes early from a Los Angeles team that came out swinging. The Guerrillas went up 2-0 after Search but due to a controversial call due to a banned perk being used, Los Angeles forfeited the map and the match was tied up 1-1. After that, LA lost all their momentum and the Minnesota took the next two maps in a somewhat dominant fashion.

Before the game, there was a lot of talk about the star potential of Adam “GodRx” Brown and he didn’t disappoint. He lived up to the hype and was a key factor to the RØKKR’s victory. The stellar play of Alex “Alexx” Carpenter was a nice surprise, though as Alexx made his presence known throughout the entire match and completely went off during key moments. If the two can keep up a strong one-two punch, they can be scary for a lot of teams to face.

The Minnesota RØKKR have a strong team with some star potential like GodRx, Assault and Alexx with a handful of supporting teammates that do their job well. If Minnesota can keep their momentum going for the second home match and beyond, they have a chance to shake up the standings and make a run going forward.

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