Newzoo Finds European Esports Audience Skews Older, Women Spend More on Merchandise

A new report from video games and esports market research firm Newzoo reveals, among other things, that the European esports audience will grow to 92M by the end of 2020, a 7.4% increase from 2019. 

The report, compiled in partnership with PayPal, is based on responses of 10,175 esports viewers surveyed across Western and Northern Europe.  

“Esports enthusiast,” or people who watch esports-related content more than once a month, will account for 33M of this audience, while “occasional viewers” (people who watch esports-related content less than once a month) make up the remaining 59M.

Newzoo (which is part of Leaders Group, the portfolio of which includes The Esports Observer) found that esports viewership skews more mature, despite misconceptions that the space is dominated by a much younger demographic. Approximately 33% of respondents aged 18–20 watched esports several times a month, while those 21–25 were “most likely” to be frequent viewers.

 Other findings:

  • A third of those surveyed by Newzoo were women, with the majority being occasional viewers, but around 60% of all respondents said that the number of women participating in esports in some way is growing.
  • 38% of men are likelier to be esports enthusiasts compared to 27% of women.
  • 48% of women spent money on esports-related products in the past 12 months compared to 46% of men.
  • Women prefer physical esports merchandise including team-sponsored gear, while men prefer digital items in games.
  • 58% of esports enthusiasts (both men and women) spent money on esports-related products, compared to just 37% of occasional viewers.
  • Respondents who identified themselves as esports enthusiasts said that 45% of their spending on digital esports products was for other people, with 19% saying the money was spent on “partners.”

Newzoo also said that global revenues tied to esports will hit $973.9M by the end of the year and $1.6B by 2023, noting that European revenue “is on a similar trajectory,” but did not provide figures.

More details on the report can be found on Newzoo’s website

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