Next PUBG Mobile season teased with a cyberpunk theme

The upcoming season 11 of PUBG Mobile, called Operation Tomorrow, will have a cyberpunk theme, according to Tencent’s teaser revealed earlier today.

Although its release date has yet to be announced, it should come later this week after the end of season 10 on Jan. 8.

PUBG MOBILE on Twitter

Royals Pass Season 10 is coming to an end, which can only mean it’s time to get ready for Season 11! Step into the future with Operation Tomorrow!

The Season 11 Royale Pass is expected to bring skins and other content based on this futuristic theme. The image of the teaser seems to be located in front of the bridge of the Erangel map. This shouldn’t be considered a hint for Erangel 2.0, though, since Tencent confirmed again that there’s no news yet on that huge update.

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