Ninja’s in-game skin is big for Fortnite, but not for streaming

Ninja and Fortnite in tandem have revolutionized the world of content creation in video games over the course of the past year. 

Whether it’s been through leveraging pop culture icons, teaming with notable brand names, or hosting memorable events both in-game and in person, Epic Games and Ninja have each done a plethora of things to shine a light on the world of streaming and enable growth across multiple platforms. 

Furthering their efforts today, Ninja and Epic unveiled a new custom skin bearing the streamer’s likeness with all of the details that make it unmistakable. From the yellow headband to the blue hair, even the inclusion of an emote for Ninja’s signature Pon Pon dance, the new cosmetics truly embody Ninja. 

When Ninja was preparing to unveil the skin on his stream, he anxiously explained to his chat that he was extremely nervous and excited, showing how much this announcement meant to him. Frankly, he’s been asking for an in-game skin for quite a while. 

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