No more paiN and Chaos at the Leipzig Major

The first best-of-one elimination games concluded at DreamLeague Season 13: The Leipzig Major and two teams have been taken out of contention in the lower bracket.

First to duel for survival were the two South American representatives, paiN Gaming and beastcoast. It was a showdown between Brazilian and Peruvian Dota, where the latter excelled in aggressiveness.  paiN opened their picks with Phantom Lancer, which allowed Beastcoast to draft for early shenanigans and a fast paced game. They executed their plan perfectly courtesy of their stand-in player for this tournament, Rodrigo “Lelis” Santos on Sand King, who was able to keep paiN’s PL from farming. At the same time, in the beastcoast safe lane, Hector “K1” Rodriguez on Bloodseeker was obliterating paiN’s Tiny-Venomancer duo, helping his team get a 10K net worth advantage at the 15 minute mark. The game wrapped up with a Bloodseeker Rampage in the paiN Gaming base only 25 minutes into the game.

The next best-of-one pitted Chaos Esports Club against Team Aster, who aligned a heavy right click damage lineup, boosted by the Vengeful Spirit aura. Chaos tried to salvage the situation with a mid lane Puck, a Treant Protector for the armour bonus and the buildings heal, and the beefy Underlord, picked last in the draft. Chaos stood strong in the early laning stage, but past the 10 minute mark they were already in trouble and started to drop like flies to the strong right clicks of Drow Ranger and Shadow Fiend.

While paiN Gaming and Chaos can already pack and look forward to the next set of Dota Pro Circuit qualifiers, beastcoast will have to take on Team Nigma tomorrow and Team Aster will fight against Invictus Gaming in the next lower bracket round.


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