NVIDIA Partners With Neverest for Esports Education Project – The Esports Observer

NVIDIA is the newest partner of the Brazilian esports organization Neverest Esports, supporting its education project Neverest Hub. NVIDIA will now have its new technology Reflex, focused on competitive gaming performance, promoted in the platform and also sign lessons and content regarding equipment for the best performance at games.

“NVIDIA enters our project solving one of the main challenges of the gamer: the lack of guidance to obtain the best performance from the equipment. Therefore, we are very happy to raise our delivery levels even more to the gamer and transform their journey into something more fluid with the seal of one of the most pioneering and innovative companies in the market,” told Neverest CEO Camilo Martins to The Esports Observer.

Although Neverest Hub currently focuses on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) content, as it is the main esport of the organization, the content signed by NVIDIA will also apply to other games.

“We are very happy with this partnership with one of the most renowned training centers for eSports athletes, as it shows how NVIDIA Reflex is helping gamers to fulfill their dream of becoming a pro player,” told Alexandre Ziebert, Technical Marketing Manager of NVIDIA in Latin America, to TEO.

Other Neverest Hub partners are the betting website Rivalry, peripherals brand Warrior, and the clothing store Artwalk.

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