Opt-in for Smash Summit 9 fan voting is now live

The  Super Smash Bros. Melee community is about to get a lot more hectic than usual. The opt-in period for the Smash Summit 9 fan voting is now live, meaning players can officially sign up to get voted into one of the biggest tournaments of the year. 

Only 18 players will make it into Smash Summit 9, with the top eight players in the world already locked in, thanks to securing a direct invite. The remaining 10 spots are being evenly split between qualifying players from Genesis 7 and Saving Mr. Lombardi 2, and five players who will be decided by the fans. 

Both Genesis 7 and Saving Mr. Lombardi 2 are taking place over the weekend, which is why the nomination period where fans Tweet their support for players they want to see get into the voting phase opens at 2pm CT on Jan. 26. The Top 20 players with the most Twitter nominations move onto the voting round, which starts at 2pm CT on Jan. 29. 

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Here are the key dates for #SmashSummit 9’s voting and qualifiers! 📅 Whether it be in tournament or through the voting process, the competition is sure to be dreamier than ever… 🥰

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