Puppey, the legendary drafter delivers again

Team Secret and Evil Geniuses are both great teams in executing the strategies so the grand final matches were mainly depended on drafts. After a couple of setbacks, Clement “Puppey” Ivanov found the way to out-draft EG and destroyed them in the last 2 games. Read the full draft analysis below.

Game 1

Team Secret opened the draft by banning the most successful offlane heroes of EG, Tiny and Enchantress. Whereas EG banned Puppey’s Lich. Both teams then picked their comfort heroes.

The biggest advantage EG had was that they picked great counters to Secret’s heroes. Other advantages were disables, pushing and nuke damage. Whereas Secret had advantage in mobility, defending, split pushing, and healing.

The game would have been different if Secret had picked a better counter to Templar Assassin. Phantom Lancer instead of Slark would have proven to be more impactful.

Game 2

The second game’s draft by Evil Geniuses lacked synergy. Secret let them pick Tiny and Enchantress this time so Evil Geniuses should have made better other picks but they didn’t. On top of that, Void was picked after Winter Wyvern which was a shocking decision because WW is a great counter to Void.

Team Secret had advantage in healing, right click damage and counters. Whereas EG had advantage in disables, defending, pushing and initiation.

If they needed AOE control and a durable hero then Sven and Mars were available. Even though Sven is not so powerful in this meta and Mars is a risky pick, it’s the purpose they deliver that matters. OD and Enchantress are reliable to dish out damage.

Game 3

EG had enough of draft problems in the last game so they decided to go with their most successful hero in this tournament, Storm Spirit. Secret didn’t expect them to pick it in the first phase hence they hadn’t banned it. EG’s confidence was heavily rewarded.

EG had huge advantage in straight up counter picks whereas Secret had good advantage in other fields.

Leshrac was a great pick to counter Naga Siren and so was the last pick Lion but offlane Clockwerk was a bad pick. He is unsuccessful in the meta and a doesn’t counter any of the EG’s cores. Earthshaker would have been a good pick here for Secret instead of Clockwerk.

Game 4

Secret understood how strong is EG’s Storm so they banned it in the first phase. This was a beautiful draft by Secret as they didn’t only ban EG’s strong heroes, they also picked their strong heroes so EG couldn’t pick it themselves.

Secret had good advantage in durability, split pushing, right click damage, defending and nuke damage. EG had advantage in disables, mobility and initiation.

EG’s entire draft was so bad that changing one hero wouldn’t have been helpful.

Game 5

EG found a loophole in which Drow Ranger was just forgotten by both teams. Puppey again denied EG of Tiny, Enchantress and Storm.

The final game was biggest out- draft of the entire series as the ratio was 69% to 31% in Secret’s favour. EG had definitely picked good counters but Secret had huge advantage except for healing and disables.

Again as it was the entire draft, one hero suggestion replacement wouldn’t have been enough.

A tip for young players

Puppey has been known throughout the years for his amazing drafting skills and the most important thing he does is that he bans his opponent’s main heroes and if some heroes are remaining, he picks them even if his team doesn’t have practice on them. So if you want to improve your team’s chance of success then tell your teammates to adapt to surprise picks on which they don’t have practice so that even you can pick opponent’s strong heroes and block their comfort draft.

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