Riot Games announce LEC format changes days before Spring Split start

The LEC will have a revised playoffs format for the 2020 season, Riot Games confirmed Wednesday. The league will change how it qualifies teams for the World Championship, putting more emphasis on the Summer Split playoffs and cutting out the Regional Qualifiers (a.k.a. the Gauntlet).

LEC 2020 Season championship points

Unlike the LCS, which cut out championship points altogether and will play the 2020 season in a completely revamped format, the LEC will keep some of its former identity. Championship points will stay but will be awarded differently: in Spring, teams will earn them based on their playoffs finish and in Summer — based on their regular season finish.

At the end of the Summer Split, the points total will determine which teams will qualify for the Summer Playoffs. With the Gauntlet gone, the Summer Playoffs will be the only way teams qualify for Worlds.

To ensure the most accurate representation of best teams leading up to Worlds, the Summer Split points are valued higher than the Spring one. For example, winning the Spring Playoffs nets 90 points, but winning the Summer Regular Season comes with 140 points.

LEC 2020 Season playoffs changes

The playoffs will also have a revised format. Brackets will now be double elimination and the #1 and #2 seeds won’t start one win away from the grand finals. Instead, #1 will play #4 and #2 will play #3 in the upper bracket Round 1; and #5 and #6 will start in the Lower Bracket.
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