Samurai Shodown Commentators Don’t Realize Controller Died, Thinks Players Are In Intense Staredown

A controller error lead to an unexpectedly hilarious moment during a Samurai Shodown tournament last weekend. What seemed to be a tense staredown to start the deciding match between Guzman and SpaceDetectiveKH was actually due to a faulty controller, but that didn’t stop commentators and spectators from waiting in suspense for the first attack to come. Though the malfunction could have turned ugly, it was all in good form as the players moved on after the issue was addressed.

Samurai Shodown is a cerebral game compared to Street Fighter V or Smash Ultimate, fought at a much slower pace due to the deadly consequences of a faulty attack strategy. Because of that, the thought of a hardware malfunction was lost on everyone as Guzman and SpaceDetectiveKH’s players sat idle for nearly the entire round.

Even the commentators would assess the situation as something out of an Akira Kurosawa movie, failing to see the frustration on both player’s faces. They would further detail their Kurosawa fantasy by painting the scenery with vivid pictures of “The cough, the staredown, the snow gently falling just like here in Chicago.”

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Those who were watching on Twitch were just as invested in the suspense as well, but the fun eventually ended when it became apparent that Guzman’s controller was unresponsive and was forfeiting the round. Once Guzman’s controller was fixed, Guzman would regroup and win the next round after, running out the clock and winning via time out. Guzman’s Ukyo would ultimately defeat SpaceDetectiveKH’s Yashiro on his way to a top 8 finish, whereas SpaceDetectiveKH regrouped and finished fifth overall.

Too often do these malfunctions serve as a low point and cause for controversy in tournament settings, most notably the controversies that marred last month’s Capcom Cup with multiple contestants complaining about display lag that ran all the way up to the grand finals. This was more of a case of something going wrong, but everyone else going along with it. This small hiccup resulted in unintentional comedy that will be fondly looked back upon and referenced to for future fighting game tournaments and a reminder that it’s better to be cool than to go nuts.

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