Singularity sign second CS:GO team from Denmark

Singularity has signed a second team to the organization as first reported by The Danish roster is headlined by Daniel “mertz” Mertz who had been inactive since his time with Heroic came to an end in May 2019.

While held to the bench of Heroic mertz participated in various qualifiers and online events before ultimately being released from the organization in November 2019.

Singularity’s former lineup will still be contracted to the organization and serve as a representative in North America’s ESL Pro League while the new lineup competes in Europe. SNG confirmed that “both teams are active, representing Singularity and receiving support.”

“For a long time in Team Singularity, we have had the desire to represent a Danish team, but we have had a hard time finding the right match since we did not want to do an academy project,” CEO & founder of Singularity Atle S. Stewouwer said. “During 2019, I have been in dialogue with a lot of different Danish players and teams to try to find a stable match, but we had to wait until the end of the year before we finally solved the puzzle. I am thrilled to announce this team and I’ve high expectations to what they can accomplish. The team will operate as Singularity EU and will be our secondary main team”

The new lineup made their debut in the IEM Katowice 2020 European Qualifiers under the name “water gamers.” The team bested HellRaisers and Secret but fell to Hard Legion to be eliminated from the event.

Singularity Danish CS:GO division:

  • Casper “celrate” Andersen
  • Daniel “mertz” Mertz
  • Tobias “TOBIZ” Theo Brøgger Poulsen
  • Jonas “Queenix” Dideriksen
  • Jakob “jabbi” Nygaard Sørensen
  • Peter “Casle” Toftbo Ardenskjold (Coach)

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