Taiga's Enigma sends Team Liquid marching forward at DreamLeague Season 13

In the first day at the Leipziger Messe at DreamLeague Season 13 we would see three more teams eliminated and after Beastcoast were sadly sent packing, Team Liquid and TNC Predator would need to fight to move on at the Major.

After taking down Fnatic in an extremely brilliant
performance yesterday, TNC Predator seemed to have finally adapted to the
current Dota 2 meta and, once again, looked like a team worthy of a second
2019/2020 Dota 2 Pro Circuit Major title. Team Liquid, however, had been also
finding their footing in the lower bracket, and even though they seemed to have
troubles closing out games at times, they definitely would not make the path
forward easy for TNC.

We had begun to see many teams become more comfortable with
certain hero choices in the past few days and some of those were the Treant
Protector, Disruptor and Drow Ranger – all of which featured in the first game.
While it was TNC that grabbed the Distruptor, Liquid’s fast-paced lineup was
far too much for them to deal with. By just 26-mniutes Liquid had dropped the
middle lane of barracks and barely ten minutes later TNC called GG.

But the kings of Southeast Asia were far from out as game two was completely theirs. Right from the start TNC took control of every lane in the game and dominated Liquid. While it was not a bloodbath of kills, it was pure perfection from TNC as they meticulously worked their way into their opponent’s base and ripped them down – forcing a third and decisive game three. The final game of the series between these two brilliant teams was an all-out brawl with teamfights breaking out everywhere after the early game period.

While TNC seemed to have the ability to fight back against the full teamfight combination of Liquid, there was one factor that they did not expect – it was Tommy ‘Taiga’ Le’s Enigma, which became the game changer with some amazing Black Hole plays. With constant catches on the TNC lineup, Taiga basically put Liquid on his back saved his team from elimination.

After an absolutely breathtaking Major from TNC Predator their DreamLeague Season 13 run will come to an end in an extremely valiant seventh/eighth place. For Team Liquid, they march forward in the lower bracket where they will face Alliance tomorrow.

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