Team Rallied Wins $25K Rokkr Arms Race Black Ops Cold War Tournament

With an absolutely stacked roster, Team Rallied took home the victory in the Rokkr Arms Race.

Last night the Minnesota Rokkr hosted the Rokkr Arms Race. The Rokkr Arms Race was a Black Ops Cold War tournament run in the promod format. This means that each team was required to use a specific number of weapon categories. Team Rallied took home the victory and $20K for first place, but here’s how they did it.

Team Rallied’s Road to Victory

The team consisted of Rallied, MuTeX, FeLo, Simp, Envoy and Blazt. With three professional Call of Duty players and one amateur, this team had a very high chance of winning from the start.

In round one Team Rallied took on Team LEGIQN. This was an extremely close game, going to a game five round 11. However Team Rallied clutched up and advanced through to the semifinals. Here they took on arguably tournament favourites in Team Vikkstar. The momentum was with Team Rallied, and they quickly took a 3-1 win to advance into the Grand Finals.

In the Grand Finals they went up against Team Saintt, a team who had come off a 3-1 and 3-0 victory against some of the best teams in the tournament. However, Team Rallied were too strong and they clutched up in game five to win the series 3-2 and take the tournament.

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This victory saw Team Rallied take home $20K between them. With a Black Ops Cold War tournament every night until Friday, we have a lot more to look forward to if you’re a fan of competitive Call of Duty.

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