Team Tyler1 is taking on LEC’s Mad Lions in a showmatch this weekend

Ever wanted to see a stream team take on the pros in a League of Legends showmatch? Well, now’s your chance.

The loud-mouthed Draven connoisseur Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp is teaming up with his Twitch Rivals partners to fend off the LEC’s Mad Lions (previously Splyce) in a head-to-head exhibition match on Saturday, Jan. 11, 1pm CT.

The feud started when Team Tyler1 jungler Christian “IWDominate” Rivera called Mad Lions out on Twitter, mocking their low following numbers. They quickly responded, and proposed a showmatch. “We’re in North America this weekend and would be happy to show you that having a Twitter following doesn’t always = skill.”

IWDominate was taken back by the request, but still took up the offer. “If you want to prove that Twitter following does not = skill then beat G2 next split and I’ll shut up,” he said. “That being said I’ll be 100% willing to play vs your team in a showmatch.”

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