Terraria speedrunner Badger doesn't finish his AGDQ run, still raises $30,000

At every Games Done Quick event, there are certain runs and personalities that viewers vibe with immediately and get behind right as a run starts. That’s what happened with William “The Video Game Badger” when he started the Terraria segment.

Just like with Minecraft, Terraria is an odd game to speedrun because each world is randomly generated when you start the game, but Badger tried to get around this by using a seeded world that was pre-made already. This let him prep multiple saves at various points that would let him skip certain parts to show off more of the run if things went wrong, which did happen. 

But with a smile on his face and an optimistic attitude, Badger continued to win over the audience even as he struggled to get the run back on track. 

Who is speedrunning here?

Clip of GamesDoneQuick Playing Terraria – Clipped by Xjustified

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