The Pokémon community had a pretty mixed reaction to the Sword and Shield Expansion Pass

The Pokémon community has been a pretty volatile place throughout the entire process of Sword and Shield’s development and eventual release, and that hasn’t changed with the announcement of the Expansion Pass. 

For the most part, the fans who like the games are happy and those who didn’t are interested in seeing what problems the new content might fix for them. And then you have the people who just hate the game because of the “lack of content” and National Dex cut jumping in and making both of the other sides roll their eyes. 

The biggest talking point is the apparent confusion over if the returning and new Pokémon would be locked behind a paywall due to the Expansion Pass. The simple answer to the question was no because you can get the older Pokémon transferred over through Pokémon Home and you can just get the new ones via trade, but that didn’t stop speculation until confirmation.

Joe Merrick on Twitter

Just remember, you do NOT need to buy the expansion pass to get the old Pokémon in the games. You can trade and transfer them. They are NOT locked behind a paywall

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