This Dragon Trainer Poppy skin concept will make people wish they had a pet dragon at home

If you’ve ever wondered what the Keeper of the Hammer would look like as a part-time dog walker, then you’re in luck thanks to this new Dragon Trainer Poppy League of Legends skin concept made by Huffslove.

As a dragon trainer, Poppy sports dark blue hair that fades into a purplish hue. She’s wearing magenta and orange cloth armor. She also has her chunky little dragon in tow, on a leash. Poppy’s shield is now a frisbee and it has a big bite taken out of it, possibly from her own dragon. The dragon is also the same color as her hair.

HuffsLove on Twitter

Time for a skin idea: Dragon trainer Poppy. Whomper, her faithful dragon, keeps charging, biting and smashing anything and anyone. Thats why she keeps him on the leash, although it rarely is enough to hold this chonky boi.

Huffslove imagined some of Poppy’s abilities with the skin, too. Her recall, for example, has the dragon try to fly up into the air while Poppy is hanging on for dear life. Her Q, Hammer Shock, has the dragon slam into the ground in front of her and her auto attacks are replaced with dragon bites.

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