This League Of Legends Character Is Now Missing Over 30 Voice Lines

The poor monsters from the Summoner’s Rift map of League of Legends have been feeling a little forgotten lately, as their favorite half-man, half-tree is not greeting them as usual. Ivern is a creature that is said to “[hold] deep friendships with all things that grow, fly, and scuttle,” but as Ivern mains have recently noticed, he doesn’t talk when walking past jungle camps or just traipsing through the jungle in general.

The so-called Green Father has many voice lines on his League of Legends Fandom wiki, but more than 30 of them – around three unique ones for every camp and nine for moving through the jungle – don’t seem to be in the game. The champion’s voice lines are also featured in the Special Interactions video below, but people say they haven’t heard them – his other lines, when moving, attacking, taunting, and other interactions are completely fine.

On the Reddit post that first brought the issue to light, one user points out that he still has so-called “tapping lines,” which he says when you tap a camp to use his passive, like, “You look like my friend Daisy,” or “Don’t start fights, Brambleback!” But there are others that sound pretty cool – or at least in character, depending on your definition of cool – that are missing, like, “Brambleback, thanks for helping the beavers move their lodge!” when moving near the Red Brambleback, or addressing the Gromp as, “Lord Grompulous Kevin Ribbitton of Croaksworth. I am at your service, my liege,” when moving near him.

It’s not known exactly when the lines disappeared. The Reddit thread has users mentioning these lines as something that they’ve previously heard in the game, so they have most likely been included at some point, but nobody can quite pinpoint the update that saw the lines disappear. Some of the previous lines may have been removed to fit better with his lore, but such a change would likely involve at least a footnote within some patch notes.

The mysterious disappearance of Ivern’s lines may seem inconsequential to those not playing “the weird tree champion,” as he’s often affectionately known, but they do add character to one of the few less aggressive champs in the game. We hope Riot either fixes it, or offers an explanation for why the lines are missing… or the Friend of the Forest may become the Enemy of the Dev Team.

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