TNC remain the kings of SEA as they knock Fnatic out of the DreamLeague Season 13 Major

DreamLeague Season 13 has been an amazing show of Dota 2
prowess since it began, and it is still far from over as today we would open
with two lower bracket series – starting with Fnatic and TNC Predator.

Victors of the first Major of the season in Chengdu, TNC
Predator affirmed themselves as the best team from the Southeast Asia region
for a brief period but when it came to the qualifiers for DreamLeague Season
13, it was Fnatic who were the ones making waves. While FNC showed strength in
the group stages, they did not face TNC – although the two squads were placed
in the same group – and today would see a monumental SEA-battle as one of the
teams would be eliminated from the Leipzig Major.

Although on paper, Fnatic had seemed the better team
throughout the tournament so far, even coming close to beating Team Secret
yesterday, TNC were definitely the ones who looked far better in game one of
the series. A Slark pick from Kim ‘Gabbi’ Villafuerte destroyed FNC as the
Major winners took a quick series lead.

Needing a win to keep their Major hopes alive, FNC decided
to go with the Medusa pick for their young carry, Nuengnara ‘23savage’ Teeramahaon.
While the game was close for a little over half an hour, the Medusa’s power
begun to show in the later periods as FNC secured themselves one last chance at
moving forward in Germany. With one last game to decide which of these two
giants of SEA giants would move on in DreamLeague Season 13, we were set for
some amazing picks and plays.

From the start it did not look as though TNC would be able to do much to fight against the FNC lineup but with Armel ‘Armel’ Paul Tabios on a Huskar, anything was possible. Even after dying to the first Roshan spawn, Armel was just far too much for FNC to deal with and with the addition of two huge mistakes from 23savage’s Anti-Mage, the game and series belonged to TNC.

TNC Predator now move on in the lower bracket at The Leipzig
Major where they will have to face either Team Liquid or Natus Vincere tomorrow.
For Fnatic, while eliminated from the tournament, this was one of their best
showings in recent times and they will surely look to improve for the next set
of qualifiers.

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