Top Legends of Runeterra decks to play in open beta: Ephemeral aggro and Elise sacrifice

Legends of Runeterra open beta starts tomorrow, which immediately raises one question:

What are some top Runeterra decks you can play?

In this article, we look at three decks which were untouched by the patch notes and are looking as early favorites to dominate the ladder.

Runeterra deck: Ephemeral Zed/Hecarim aggro


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The Ephemeral aggro deck was one of the strongest in the Expeditions closed beta and it looks that will still be the case in the open beta. The deck was untouched by the recent patch changes and its potential to run down opponents is just as potent.

As the name suggests, the deck play a very fast style with a lot of Ephemeral followers, who all disappear at the end of the turn. It’s not concerned at all with what survives, just how much damage it can deal to the Nexus in the shortest amount of time. The main punching power comes with Zed and his Living Shadows but there’s plenty other of annoying followers like Silent Shadowseer and Shark Chariot that just never go away.

37 of the 40 cards cost 3 mana or less, and the only exception is Hecarim: the mid game solution of the deck. By the time he enters the field on turn 6, Hecarim would’ve likely leveled up already, and with his Overwhelm, +2/+0 attack buff on all Ephemeral minions, and his 5/2 Spectral Riders, he’s more than enough to finish the enemy off.

Runeterra deck: Ephemeral midrange


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This deck is very similar to its aggro cousin. It uses the same fundamentals of a Zed/Hecarim core and a lot of Ephemeral followers, but has a back up plan for slower games. It packs a lot of removal spells like Vengeance and Grasp of the Undying and even heavy reanimator spells like The Harrowing, which will refuel the board if things go bad.

This deck also plays three copies of Scuttlegeist: a 10 mana 5/5 minion which gets cheaper the more of your units die. Often, you will drop it for 0-2 mana in the late game, making him a very cost-effective and serious threat.

Runeterra deck: Elise sacrifice


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Made by popular streamer and card game veteran Swim, this is a very interesting midrange deck with its own little combos. The so-called Elise Dawnspiders deck is all about sacrificing your own followers to create powerful effects.

This ranges from buffing all your allies with Dawnspeakers, spawning big threats from the cadavers of smaller followers like with Cursed Keeper, or just enabling the mighty Rhasa the Sunderer. Elise herself will constantly summon annoying Spiderlings, which you can either sacrifice to feed other cards or buff with Dawnspeakers or Frenzied Skitterer.

Similar sacrifice decks were also very popular in the previous beta, but couldn’t get to the highest tier due to the overpowered strength of Anivia control decks. Now that they should be mostly gone, it’s the perfect time to try Swim’s build.

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