Topson on having a new roster: “Playing with a new roster is always more of a learning and adapting process”

The Russian broadcast studio for OMEGA League, RUHub posted this past Sunday a short interview with OG’s Topias “Topson” Taavitsainen who answered a few questions regarding the new team roster, the reunion with Sébastien “Ceb” Debs and his motivation to keep on playing.

Topson is the only player to have never felt the bitter taste of defeat on The International stage. His TI debut from 2018 brought him the first Aegis of the Immortals and a year later he became one of the five players to have ever claimed the most wanted Dota 2 trophy twice. More than that, he is also the only player in Dota 2 history to have never lost a series in The International playoffs.

But, despite these stunning achievements, Topson is not done yet. At the beginning of his interview with RuHub he says “coming back after a few months of a break gave me a lot of motivation. It feels good to be back to Dota.”

He also admitted that after TI9 he asked himself very often why he should keep competing and the answer is pretty simple. “I really like playing with my teammates.  Ceb and N0tail are my second family now and I wouldn’t leave them unless they want me to do so. Besides, I also really like competing. When we bootcamp I feel like I have the best time. All our bootcamps are very good memories that I have with the boys and honestly, I’m looking forward to finally being able to play some LANs.”

Asked about how he feels about the switch to online only tournaments through the COVID -19 times, Tospson said: “I don’t like traveling so much, but I really like LAN events. That’s why I compete, for the big tournaments because this is where you give your all. In online tournaments, it’s harder to really give your best and try as hard as you would on a LAN.”

picture via OG

Following TI9, OG underwent two roster changes already. They initially hoped to be able to play with Syed “SumaiL” Hassan in the carry role as their two time TI champion Anathan “ana” Pham took his proverbial indefinite time off from the game. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic prevented SumaiL to play at his full capacity with the team and after it became clear that he wouldn’t be able to join his teammates in Europe, he was let go and Ceb came back from his retirement once again.

While all the OG original members are used to dealing with sudden roster changes, for Topson this is the first time when he has to adapt to new members and when asked about the whole working process with anew roster he answered the followings:

“Playing with a new roster is always more of a learning and adapting process. You have to relearn the game, understand it from their [the new members] point of view, but it’s also exciting because you get to work with new perspectives on the game and although overall it’s a very difficult experience, it’s also rewarding.”

Asked about how does he feel now that Ceb has returned to the roster, Topson said:

“I’m always happy when I get to play with Ceb. He is like the best teammate you could possibly have. He really gets the best out of everyone, he gives a lot of motivation to people. For example, I sometimes might feel lazy, or I might not feel like playing, I’m not in the mood, but he always knows how to bring the fire into the team. He is also very smart at the game.”

OG have already played their first two series in the OMEGA League Europe and CIS Immortal division group stage and are currently the only team with 4 teams after their victories over Ninjas in Pyjamas and They will return to the OMEGA League action Friday, August 21st with a best-of-three series against FlyToMoon.


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