Vici Gaming join the Leipzig Major upper bracket playoffs

Group B at DreamLeague Season 13: The Leipzig Major is done and dusted. Vici Gaming prevailed through the losers’ and the decider series to join Team Secret in the upper bracket.

VG’s resilience sent two teams to the dangerous best-of-one first lower bracket rounds at the Major. The first to feel the bitter taste of defeat were Chaos Esports Club, who despite getting run over in game one by Zhang “Eurus” Chengjun with a 10 minutes Diffusal Blade and a 15 minutes Aghanim’s Scepter on Slark, they displayed great coordination in game two.

Slark got banned by Chaos in the first phase of the draft of the second game and VG were given a run for their money with an on point Clockwerk from Arif “MSS” Anwar. Unfortunately, their draft wasn’t able to survive in the late game stage, where VG’s Naga Siren-Disruptor-Outworld Devourer wombo-combo was unstoppable and the series ended 2-0 in VG’s favor.

Moving into the group decider series, VG had to deal in game one with Hector “K1” Rodriguez’s signature Wraith King. The Chinese started on the right foot and were in full control of the game. However, past the 20-minute mark, Hector was ready to challenge the enemy team and wiped them out in several team fights to keep his team hope alive. The difference was made by Xiong “Pyw”‘ Jiahan on Rubick, who was always able to steal Rolling Thunder and disrupt the team fights long enough for VG’s Razor to build the Static Link extra damage and clear the field.

beastcoast’s game two was a rather messy affair, with K1 sent in a defensive trilane on Doom, but unable to stay alive versus VG’s Ember Spirit-Lich duo. The game went completely out of control pretty fast, and with Doom choosing to skip the ultimate even at level 12 in order to be able to farm, VG had a rather clear path to the Throne.


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